Naming, Logos, Brand Identity & Brand Extensions

CC & Co Studio was hired to create a brand name and identity for Austinite Leslie Sharp’s new yoga supply company. She had a concept but needed a name, logo, and brand identity. She requested that we create a brand that embodies her unique journey and the essence of yoga. Brief in hand, CC & Co Studio worked closely with Leslie to bring her vision to life.

The journey began with Leslie's vision for a yoga supply company offering high-quality, eco-friendly products. Inspired by Austin's vibrant culture and the holistic principles of yoga, CC & Co Studio crafted the brand name, Karmadillo. Leslie loved the name upon presentation and knew we had something special. The name is a blend of “armadillo”, Austin's unofficial mascot, and “karma” to signify the spiritual essence of yoga. With a name we all loved, CC & Co Studio crafted the brand's visual identity and some brand extensions, bringing Karmadillo to life as a unique and inspiring brand.

Brand Guidelines: 

CC & Co Studio translated this vision into a visual identity that would resonate with the brand's audience. We designed a logo that captures the playful yet spiritual essence of Karmadillo, setting the tone for the brand's identity. The custom VW Bus wrap was another highlight of the project, turning this iconic vehicle into a mobile billboard for the brand.

The launch of Karmadillo was met with great success, thanks to Leslie's passion and unique vision. Karmadillo is a brand that not only offers high-quality earth friendly products but also promotes mindfulness and wellness. CC & Co Studio is proud to have played a role in bringing this brand to life.