Logos, Brand Identity & Brand Extensions

WildKind makes it possible for companies to package their goods in compostable and recyclable flex-packaging. They're proud to be delivering a solution that's a win for the planet and a win for everyone. I was approached by WildKind to create the logo, brand identity, and some brand extensions for their launch. The client knew he wanted something that resonated with their core values : Practice Kindness, Build Trust, Helpful Progress, and Showing Courage. I built on these ideals to create a brand personality and visual identity rooted in the concept of "The Rebel Heart".

The WildKind logo is hand-drawn and designed to evoke the rebel spirit of the late 60’s. Sgt. Pepper meets Wes Wilson vibes.

As a counter to the logo, a compact and elegant typeface called Grifinito was used for headlines and display and the floral pattern and deconstructed floral bunches are used throughout the identity to maintain a the playfulness and whimsy. Copywriter, Ashley Proffitt provided copy for the Brand Manifesto and Tone of Voice.